Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Divine Vocal Xperts (D.V.X.) ‎- 5 Tracks EP - 1998

EP - 1998 - Real Deal Records 

Here is the first and only official wax I know of D.V.X a.k.a Divine Vocal Xperts. This "5 Tracks EP" was released in 1998 on Real Deal Records. I know an album called "Enter the Web" came out in 2000 on CDr format but I can't find anything else online about this group except the info written on this vinyl label:
"Track production team : J.Blount, F. Humphray, Dooley High.
DVX is an aspiring small group with big visions. They are natives of the Elm City, also known as New Haven, CT. They dropped their first promo album with Real Deal Records in October of 1996. It is in the process of receiving heavy attention in the local and regional college circuit. There are five tightly produced tracks overlapped with intricate lyricism. It is a true displayod D. ivine V. ocal X. pertise."

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