Sunday, January 7, 2018

*Updated ! Characta Assassinz - Characta's & Ego's / It's On You - 1997

My man Ill Mind has recently digged this tape of an unknown group from North Carolina called Characta Assassinz. Not a lot of info about this group or tape released on Eastwood Records in 1997. Dobie from Mental Dimension recorded both tracks "Characta's & Ego's / It's On You" at his studio. The group is maybe composed of 6 or 7 members and this is probably their only release. Enjoy the tracks...this shit is dope ! 

Massive props to Ill Mind and Dobie for unearthing the tape !

*Update : Here is what we've found in the archives with the help of Digital Stimulation, thank you bro !  I didn't remember it was in the Unsigned Hype Section of the Source Magazine from July 1996.
At least we know that there is a demo tape somewhere recorded in 1996 with other tracks.  

From The Source - July 1996


  1. Digital StimulationJanuary 7, 2018 at 9:34 AM

    Woooooooooooooooo boy, this is a find right there. They were in the Unsigned Hype column in the July 1996 issue of The Source. This is some hardcore 90's shit, and worth 20+ years to wait for!

  2. wow dope !!!!! ... don't have this issue... is it possible to send it to me Digital Simulation ?

  3. ooooh yes I've found It !!!! thanks for the info bro

  4. I am an original member from the crew and a co-founder of the group. Glad to see some cats didn’t forget it’s been 20 years. Blessings fam.

  5. Glad to have been part of this group..