Monday, January 8, 2018

Da Buze Bruvaz - Adebisi Hat LP - 2017/2018

A1 Revovler Feat Tug McRaw
A2 Long Barrel Hitman
A3 Rugby
A4 Tango And Cash
A5 US Embassy Feat Ruste Juxx
A6 Sportsmanship Feat B-Bill
B1 Kangol Kru
B2 Tranzor Z
B3 Fire Proof Viking Helmet
B4 Clash of the Titans Feat Solace
B5 Special Agent
B6 Theme for a hitman
B7 Courtside at da french Open

Produced by Rocksteady, Giallo Point, Lord Beatjitzu, Claymore, Hamorabi, EDK, Kyo Itachi, Him Lo, WIK101 and Nigga From France. Remastered from the OG stemz by Giallo Point.

350 copies only !

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