Sunday, February 26, 2017

Various - The Head Rush - 1995

CD / Tape - 1995 - Love'N Hemp Media Syndicate 

Back in 1995 with this indie comp released by the New Jersey label "Love'N Hemp Media Syndicate". 16 tracks mostly produced by Git Loose featuring artists like Orfinz, Hardware, Murder One, Run Amuk, Da Ill Cyphers, Madman, Biazee and more ... 
To be honest I didn't buy it when it came out, because I was a little bit disappointed after the first listen and the only artists I knew in this comp was Biazee, Orfinz & Murda One who were on Biazee's 12" single 'Just Parlay / Mindflow' released in 1993 on Capitol B.I Music. But after several listenings, I've changed my mind and thought there were some good stuff in It.  

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