Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Guy Grams - Consigliere - 2017

CD - 2017

Brand new project from the Baltimore based MC Guy Grams
22 tracks produced by M.W.P, Cool FD, A Sharp, Ancient Soundz, Full Scale, Side FX, Nysom, Beppo S and featuring artists like Tragedy Khadafi, Reef The Lost Cause, Raf Almighty of The Dirt Platoon, Ill Conscious Da God, Skanks The Rap Marytr & Daddy Notch of Bankai Fam, Senica Tha Misfit, Govmatic (R.I.P), Secret Scientists, Dj Grasshoppa and more.. 

1. Headspace Intro
2. C's Conscience (Skit)
3. Consiglieres
4. Assholism
5. Iron Chambers
6. Good Con Bad Con (Skit)
7. Forever 'Til the Money
8. Million Dollar Thoughts
9. Escape from Reality (Skit)
10. Authentic
11. A Bmore Tale
12. Off the Wall
13. You Know Me Well
14. Waves of Self
15. You Win Some You Lose Some (Skit)
16. Think Twice
17. Pull the Trigger
18. Soundboi
19. Joey Chicago vs. Kid Minneapolis (Skit)
20. Shit Is Wicked
21. Third Eye
22. Bust Urs

Available on CD and Digital format
Listen to snippets & Order your copy Here

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