Friday, February 17, 2017

Tribalife ‎- Destination: UNKNOWN - 2000

EP - 2000 - Illogic Records  

"Filipino hip-hop group Tribalife consisted of Geenuistick and Asiatik aka AL duMaurier. They have been a unit since '93. Boasting a b-boy background (both members are well-versed in breaking and graffiti, the Jersey-reared Geenuistick calls their style "universal" adding "we have our own unique personalities". Being Filipino, "you gotta come twice as hard", says Asiatik. The lack of local resources is frustrating, he admits. "It's hard to do a show out here because of too many knuckleheads". So the crew has had to seek greener pastures in the Bay Area of Los Angeles. Local promoter Alif "A-One" Reneau helped hook them up with Walter Taylor aka Eclipse 427 from Mixed Practice, who recorded "Destination Unknown" from Tribalife's self-titled EP."

Props to AL duMaurier   

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