Saturday, February 18, 2017

1628 Factor - Vol. 72 Unreleased Tracks - 1996/1997

25notedope has recently dropped unreleased tracks of 1628 Factor, a Bay Area crew from Redwood City (San Francisco, CA), originally composed of Rundown, Spex, Brewmasta, JuanKanobi, Rolex, Penzone and Jster. The comp entirely produced by Jster also features Spectacular and Rundown. 

For all of those who didn't know 1628 Factor yet, you should listen to their other releases from the 90s and make your own opinion about this crew : "Not 4 The Money - The Low Cash Chapter" released in 1997 on tape and "Time to Build" from 1996, which was never officially released and the tape was handed out to select people only.

Tape - 1997 - Not On Label  

Tape - 1996 - Not On Label 

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