Thursday, January 5, 2017

Speakeasy - Jive Turkeys & Cat Daddies LP - 2017

LP - 2017 - Chopped Herring Records  

A1 Butta
A2 Ashes to Ashes
A3 Til I Die (Interlude)
A4 Complex
A5 Ants (Interlude)
A6 Hi
A7 Kichi's Dojo
A8 Once Upon A Rhyme
A9 KLYT station break

B1 Bob Ya Head
B2 Jive Turkey's Groove
B3 Omnipotent
B4 Soda and a Cigarette
B5 It's About to Come Down
B6 Ease On Out

All tracks recorded in 1995, produced by T.Hardman & K. Watters.

350 copies only !
(120 copies on Clear & Red & Green mixed coloured vinyl & 230 on traditional black vinyl)


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