Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mix : BUILT TO LAST - 12.01.2017

01/ Timeless Truth "Gods In The Details" (Prod Marco Polo) 
02/ Saipher Soze x Daniel Son "Yacht Club" (Prod PhybaOptikz)
03/ Pete Flux "What They Need (Original)" (Prod Parental)
04/ Glad2Mecha x DXA "Worldwide" (IceRocks Remix)
05/ Pen Pals "Swift With The Rhyme" (Prod Slipmat Brothers)
06/ Last Jazz Club (MC Veks x Mike B x Dialate "Nuthin' But A..." (Prod Mike B)
07/ Krumbsnatcha "Closer To God" (Giallo Point Remix)
08/ Roc Marciano x Lost Occupant x Hus Kingpin "Boss Material" (Giallo Point Remix)
09/ MZ Boom Bap x Awon x Phoniks "Life Over Death" (Prod MZ Boom Bap)
10/ Finsta "All They Know (Original Mix)" (Prod Tru Comers)

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