Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Drasar Monumental Presents Vendetta Vinyl Broadcast # 6

Rare cuts, doubles, blends, acapella flips, remixes and everything mixed by my man Drasar Monumental. Certainly one of the best mix I've heard this week .... Enjoy Fellas !

01..Cayman Island Titan intro
02..Imam Thug - "QB 2000"
03..KILLER BEN - "Emcee Killer"
04..Beat Nuts - "Robbed"
05..P.Brothers featuring Roc Marciano - "Caviar"
06..Criminal Scientific - "Yeah Daddy"
07..Ed O.G "Make The Money" inst.
08..Dynasty - "Poisonous Youth" accapella flip...
09..Nutso & Branesparker - "Goin In"
10..Legion - "Freestyle Demolition" inst.
11..Ak Skills "Nights of Fear" accapella flip..
12..Motion Man - "Call The National Guard"
13..Ghostface Killer & Trife The God - "Milk Em"
14..Homeless Derelix - "In The Mix"
15..Authorized Fam - "On the Rise"
16..Large Pro - "Ultimate"
17..Grand Agent - "Legend" inst
18..Royal Flush - "Pop The Clutch" accapella flip
19..Kice - "Competition"
20..Res Connected - "Shoot Em Down"
21..Fully G - "There She Goes Again" inst.
22..Roc Marciano - "Not A Game" accapella flip
23..Ka - "Cold Facts"
24..MFGRIMM & Drasar Monumental - "Song Of The Winter Soldier"

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