Friday, October 16, 2015

The Silent Onez

The God Path, Prop Tha Sole Survivor (you may know him as  Wildelux now) 
and Mr. Wicious aka Ala-Wicious were the core members of the Silent Ones. 
Prop Tha Sole Survivor and Path were from the Bronx , Mr. Wicious was from Brooklyn.
The Silent Ones were originally a fusion of several groups and solo MC's ; Those groups and mc's were Funky Edition, The BodySnatchas, MC LP, Sledge Tha Ruff Edge, D-Cipher, Ran Mac, Haji, Big Stan aka Mastermind and Pitch Black.

"Silent Ones have taken the best of True School, Underground, and Funk to come up with something musically unique, as well as being gifted with a writing style that, while grounding itself in the hardest street realities, manages to communicate to people of all levels of society without getting lost in cliché. "

The first Silent Ones's 12" (East Meets West / Strainers) was released in 1995 , the second 12" was an EP (They Want Me Dead / Gotta Go / Swingn' Funktion / Whole Lotta M.C.'s) and came out in 1998 , both on Ridiculous Records (Los Angeles, CA).

12" - 1995 - Ridiculous Records  

12" - 1998 - Ridiculous Records  

The Album exists but It has never been released... 
but you're lucky because It could see the light of day soon !
Reissues and unreleased stuff coming soon on Limited Vinyl & CD.

So stay tuned Fellas !!

Contact : Silent 1z

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