Monday, October 12, 2015

Mc Shinobi - The Mc Shinobi LP - 2015

LP - 2015

1. Intro
2.Destined (Inside Out Man)
3.Terror (Soe95)
4.Just Like That (The Dan Morze Remix)
5.Kicking Facts (Jimmer-Man)
6.Back To The Old School (Coat-b)
7.Absolute Attention (King P Pete)
8. Feeble Attempts (Monplacebo)
9. When All Hope Is Lost (Soe95)
10.Just Like That (Mpadrums Remix)
11. We Take Our Time (Comcap)

The LP will be released in December .
500 copies only (400 Black & 100 Green Transparent)
Stay Tuned !

Contact : Mc Shinobi 

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