Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mix : Aroe & The Soundmakers - The Wreckshop Philly Golden Era Vol. 1

The Soundmakers - 'Philly Intro'
Robbie B & DJ Jazz - 'Get Hip To The Real Thing'
Another 1 4 U 2 N V - 'You Gotdamn Right'
Tuff Crew - 'Smooth Momentum'
Cool C - 'Juice Crew Dis (Opsta Now Mix)'
Three Times Dope - 'On The Dope Side'
Cool C - 'Down To The Grissle'
Steady B - 'I Gotcha (12" Philly Mix)'
Prelitique & MC Sweet - 'Another Lie/ We Got The Right To Front'
Von Love - 'This Is How It Should Be Done'
Plush Brothers - 'Back To The Lab'
Plush Brothers - 'No Gun'
Ultrafunk - 'The Masters Here'
3rd Dynasty - 'It's Curtains'
Larry Larr - 'Keep On Y'all'
Tuff Crew - 'She Rides A Pony (Remix)'
Roots - 'Boom'
Tuff Crew - 'My Part Of Town (Remix'
Tuff Crew - 'Show 'Em Hell'
Tuff Crew - 'Attack From The Rear'
Tuff Crew - 'Open Field Attack'
Tuff Crew - 'Nut (Soundmakers Remix)'
Mobb Sqwad - 'T.L. Back To Yell'
Too Brown - 'Erie Avenue Is The Promised Land'
Singing MC Breeze - 'It Ain't My Baby'
Baritone Tip Love - 'All Hell Is Breakin Loose'
Phill Most Chill - 'Damage'
Another 1 4 U 2 N V - 'I Am Chaka'
Rock Hard Delegation - 'Just For The Audience'
Ice Cream Tee - 'I Can't Hold Back'
Three Times Dope - 'Once More You Hear The Dope Stuff'
Three Times Dope - 'From The Giddy UP'
Lightnin' Lee & Poppy P - 'Lightnin Is In Effect'
Todd 1 - 'Give Em Something Radical (Soundmakers Dangerous Mix)'
Todd 1 - 'I Did It'
Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - 'He's The DJ I'm The Rapper'
Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - 'Hip Hop Dancers Theme'
Singing MC Breeze - 'Superbad'
Jewel T - 'I Like It Loud'
Jewel T - 'School Of Hardknocks'
Phill Most Chill - 'On Tempo Jack'
Steady B - 'New Breed'
Steady B - 'Let The Hustlers Play'
Steady B - 'Serious (Soundmakers Touch Of Jazz Remix)'
Schoolly D - 'Saturday Night'
Schoolly D - 'Put Your Filas On'
Schoolly D - 'P.S.K. (What Does It Mean)'
Mac Money - 'P.S. P.S.K. (I'll Tell You What It Means)'
Bizzy B - 'I'm Stronger Than Before'
Dominating MC's - 'Knowledge Bound'
Intellectuals Of Rhyme - 'Seconds Of A dope Rhyme'
Mobb Sqwad - 'Flippin Keeloz'
Tuff Crew - 'Wreck Shop (Soundmakers Remix)'

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