Thursday, March 26, 2020

Redd Bull - Raindrops EP - 1996

Tape - 1996 - Kixx Records 

Here is the "Raindrops" EP released by the Philly-based female emcee Redd Bull. If you don't know her yet, you need to know that she released her debut maxi-single "Rude Girl" in 1994. 
"Raindrops" EP was released in 1996 on Kixx Records, a record label from Philadelphia managed by Tab Edwards. 

2 versions of this EP exist, one on 12" vinyl and the other one on cassette format which is the most interesting version because it contains bonus tracks.
In terms of production, most of the tracks are produced by Black Key for Blk Key Productions, and the others are produced by the talented RuggedNess of RuggedNess Madddrama, no need to introduce himself.

Black Key : "I knew Redd Bull her whole life.... She is younger than me so when she first started rapping I think around the age 11 she would say her raps for me. Fast forward to the future we somehow ended up on the same manager Tab Edwards owner of Kixx Records and the Street Buzz magazine. He hired me to produce songs on her albums. She was dope and had a lot of confidence."

Black Key was one of the member of Da Bumrush, a group from Philly consisted of Sniper (DJ), Dre Deep, Black Key, Elliott Ness & Nappy a.k.a Nappy Headed Nigga, all from West and Southwest Philadelphia (Bartrum Projects). 

Da Bumrush - Photo courtesy of Black Key

They were supposed to drop an album titled "Victim Of The Society" in the Mid 95, but unfortunately it never came out... Hopefully, more info about this group coming soon on the Blog... stay tuned fellas !!

Redd Bull's EP also features other Philly-based artists like Ital The Ruffian who released his debut album "The Enemy" the same year on Kixx Records, and DRK a.k.a Darkman of The Lyrical Terrorists, an other dope group from Philly which dropped their first and only 12" single one year earlier in 1995 on Cornerboy Prod, and also produced by RuggedNess... more info coming soon on the Blog about them too !

Mad Props to Fred Thecle, Black Key and Aqiyl a.k.a Black Jesus 

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