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Homeliss Derilex - Fraudulent 2 - 2020

CD - 2020 - HHE  

"We have the Architect and Grand the Visitor in the house once again! HHE is proud to present you Fraudulent 2, and just like the first volume released in 2004 this compilation presents you tracks that originally only appeared on demos, tape promos and vinyl singles. The music ranges from 1991 up to 2004 and as an extra you will get the Cash Money (Mike B Remix) and their 3 earliest recordings (taken from old 4 track tapes so forgive us as the quality is not ideal) dating back to 1991. As always all tracks have been remastered and the album cover is an ode to their first tape release from 1993 where it all got started. Limited to 300 copies and when they are gone that's it, enjoy!" - Hip Hop Enterprise 

To recap quickly if you're not familiar with Homeliss Derilex which means "From Nowhere", you need to know that 27 years ago this Cali-based hip-hop duo recorded and released their first crazy dope demo tape called the "Blue Tape"... Hailing from the South Bay (Milpitas, CA) the group consisted of the emcee Grand a.k.a 50 Grand and the producer G-Luv a.k.a the Architect.

The Architect : "My father was a DJ so I got into music early. I had turntables my pop old set at around 7th grade. 7-8th grade I took the name G-Luv as my DJ name.
Me and Grand met through his brother who I was doing music with. Once I heard him rap and he heard my beats we both knew we had to work. We were recording at my house on the 4 track and Grand was like yo Homeliss Derilex was our group name. I WAS LIKE DOPE I'm with it !!!"

The Blue Tape is composed of 7 tracks, fully produced by G-Luv. 
The Song "Originator" features one of the first appearence of a second legendary Bay Area emcee named Encore... no need to introduce him ! Encore was from Milpitas too and the Architect knew him for years from High School.

12" - 1995 - Malvado Records  

Their first official single titled "Survive'n The Game" came out in 1995 on Malvado Records, a record label managed by a guy named Matt Brown. The wax is composed of 3 tracks "Survive'n The Game", "Explanations" and "Critical Meltdown", all produced by G-Luv. 

The Architect :"Strong Arm was Matt Brown who managed Homeliss Derilex our demo Fraudulent 'the blue tape'. He was also Peanut Butter Wolf and Charizma manager at that time."

"Buddalicious Malvado Records, the newly formed label by Strong Arm's Matt Brown, has just dropped the first release by the jazzy hip hop duo Homeliss Derilex. On side 1, peep the methods of "Survive'N The Game" & "Explanations"; both tracks feature DJ G-Luv wrekkin' shit on the techs over blunted, yet elevated lyrics from Long Beach emcee 50 Grand, aka "Grandioso". Flip the script & check "Critical Meltdown", a track that comes harder than Ron Jeremy perved on spanish fly! if you liked that joke, you'll like this joint" - Press Review 

12" - 1996 - Stones Throw Records 

In 1996 , the duo was back with a second 12-Inch  "Cash Money / Operations", but this time released on Stones Throw Records and G-Luv produced the tracks under the name of the Architect. 

The Architect : "After I produced my first record for Coolio "I Remember", I came back to the bay from LA and started studying and would be with my brothas building and I felt the architect described my real mission, laying down the foundation being music.
...How were we signed with Stones Throw ? ... well after Charizma died Matt wasn't doing the management and Wolf was just starting his label. We knew each other from living in the same area and Strong Arm Management. We always would play each other music so he knew the vibe. Wolf knew all the guys I was working with, so it all made sense."

In 2003, they dropped a 7-track EP titled "Fraudulent" which is well resumed by Stones Throw Records : 
"Fraudulent ... A bunch of golden age hip-hop goodness from the crew that released one of the first 12”s on Stones Throw, the J Dilla sampled “Cash Money.” These songs were recorded in the early 90s, when the HDs, Peanut Butter Wolf and Charizma were all managed by the same dude. It took over ten years for them to see the light of day, but they were worth the wait."

EP - 2003 - Stones Throw Records 

I forgot... but yes Homeliss Derilex was a duo even if there are 3 persons on the Fraudulent front cover. Third guy is a guy named Mr Four Eyes ... he was the homie that was always on deck... he would make sure they were good at the studio etc... 

I you don't own all these records in your collection yet, it's time to catch up and cop Fraudulent2 ... Don't Sleep Fellas !!

Mad Props to the Architect.

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