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The HOODz ‎- All Inda Mind / OoliOo - 1994

12" - 1994 - Blunted Records

Back in '94 with the crew named The Hoodz, consisted of  Sig Smoo (15 yrs old), Freet Black (17 yrs old) and DJ Swift (13 years old). They were from the South Bronx, West Farms road and Freeman street precisely. 

Photo courtesy of Sig Smoo

They released two 12" singles officially in the early 90s, and the record "All Inda Mind / OoliOo" is one of them.  It was released on Blunted Records, a record label managed Mike Marrorello and Parish Fawanda. The track "All Inda Mind" was produced by Paris F. who also was the A&R for Blunted Records, and the track "OoliOo" was produced by Sig Smoo and Swift Dogs.

Sig Smoo : "We all are family, DJ Swift is my cousin, Freet Black is my mom's lil brother and the legendary Doug E. Fresh is my uncle, he is my dad's lil brother and he brought me in the game...
The Hoodz was the youngest group to get a record deal at that time in our area and the first to do a music video in that area. We were out in the Hip-Hop game before Wu-Tang .. Redman .. Onyx.. Black Moon... we were the first underground hardcore rap group to surf out the South Bronx NYC at the youngest age at the time of year.
I knew a guy name Elliot that lived on block he knew we were into rapping, we had just cut a demo and he knew a label called International Bad Boyz / Blunted Records. He gave them our demo and they automatically signed us up to the label for a 4 single deal.
We had a great run from 1991 to 1995... we toured with Orignal Flavor ... Kurious George ... Prince Markie D of the Fat Boys ...  M.O.P. and Grand Daddy IU.
After the singles came out we went on tour for them and we recorded about 7 to 8 songs, then it was disruptive situations with the group and record label that couldn't see eye to eye and some of the band members wanted to leave the label and some of us wanted to stay, so the healthy thing to do was to go solo, but we didn't break up."

Photo courtesy of Sig Smoo

Mad Props to Sig Smoo, thanks for your time.
Vinyl rip courtesy of 90's Hip-Hop  

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