Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Tyranny & Tone - Playtime Is Over LP - 2019

LP - 2019 - Hip-Hop Enterprise 

" Tyranny and Tone "Playtime Is Over", this 1995 hip hop single was produced by Noiseman. The project represents the 1st initial work between Tyranny, Tone and Noiseman. Operating from a Bay Area based studio, the three recorded S.T.E.P.H. Short for Stephanie, the song is a lyrical nod to relationship situations. Playtime Is Over was later recorded in 1995 at a new studio location. 

The signature sound created during these recordings, helped to shape the flavor you hear on the B Flatt "Back to Basics" album. This single got picked up by Hip-Hop Enterprise in March 2018. A hip hop record label out of Belgium. They will release 300 12" vinyl records in 2019. There will be at least 3 bonus tracks on the vinyl release, that are not contained on the CD." - Big Noise Radio

300 copies only (100 coloured vinyl and 200 black vinyl)
Dropping March 2019 on Hip-Hop Enterprise ... Stay tuned Fellas !!!

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