Friday, January 4, 2019

1994 ... Earthquake

Back in '94 with this emcee named Earthquake, born in Washington DC. He released two 12" and one album on the Capitol Heights based label Greymont Records, which was owned and managed by Anthony Gantt. Anthony met him one day while taking his lil cousin to court. After court, he took him home and listened to his demo tape. That’s how everything began for Earthquake...

First 12" contains the track "Unfadable" which is available in two different versions, the original version on the A-side produced by Big Dean who was also the producer on earthquake album, and the Remix version on the B-side produced by Poor Pocket Production. Poor Pocket Production was a production Company out of New York. One of there producer Jahpreme was back in forward from DC to New York with DJ Alamo of Brand Nubian and Anthony Gantt hired him to do the remix on that Single. 

12" - 1994 - Greymont Records 

 The 'Unfadable' video is the only official video recorded by Earthquake. It was recorded on Florida Ave, SE Washington DC and was directed by Shellee Haynesworth. Black Magic Tim who was pyrotechnic engineer during the video shoot remembers a story : 

Black Magic Tim : "Only thing I can remember is while doing pyrotechnics inside the laundry building the assistant went to light the gas pools and the vapors gathered to long so when he lit the match there was a huge vapor flash fire that scared everyone..."

The Same year, he also dropped his second and last 12" 'Only For The Wicked'. Same label and same team for the productions : Big Dean for the original version and Jahpreme for the remix version.    

12" - 1994 - Greymont Records 

Anthony Gantt : "Earthquake didn’t release anymore music after then because, I started promoting Local GoGo shows in the DC area making immediate money and put my long term goal of owning and running a Record Label on hold until I went away to Prison in January 1997.... and Earthquake went to prison also later that Year on a separate case."

The album '9.9 Richter Scale' was only released on CD format in 1994. It could be great to see it pressed on vinyl one day ... 

Mad Props to Anthony Gantt. 
'Only For The Wicked' vinyl rip courtesy of 90's Hip-Hop Blog

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