Thursday, July 6, 2017

J-Force - Bull's Eye - 1994

12" - 1994 - J-Force Entertainement 

"I made a record in 1993 called ‘Bullseye’. I sampled Black Moon ‘How Many MC’s’ and I mixed in Special Ed ‘Think About It’. Came out with a single in ’94, pumped it out my trunk, I wound-up selling to two major retailers in the city of New York – one was Fat Beats Records, the other one was Beat Street in Brooklyn – and it was all history from there. A lotta overseas people came to those stores and bought the record. I had a logo of a jester on the sticker. 

Photo courtesy of J-Force
I also mixed it at the House of Hits with Marley Marl. I was fortunate enough to get Marley to mix the first record. Then I put out a second record in ’95, called ‘For All Thoze’ and ‘Runnin’ On E’, and Marley mixed those as well. I sampled Deathwish on ‘For All Thoze’, and for ‘Bullseye’ as well. That was my favorite soundtrack for a long time."  from the unkut Interview

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