Monday, July 17, 2017

Edo G, Akrobatik & King T - Verbal Assault / Akrobatik - Adapt And Prosper

Here are 2 tracks presented by El Presidente. The first one is "Verbal Assault" performed by Edo G, Akrobatik & King T Writen and produced by Cool Rock for Good Tradition, Scratches by Oh Jay and Cool Rock.
The Second track is "Adapt And Prosper" performed by Akrobatik : Written and produced by Mr. E. Guest for The Gang van Zaken, Scratches by DJ Dlux (Toronto). Tracks and instrumentals might see the light of day on 7 Inch vinyl on Hairy Toe Records. 
Sorry but no more Info ...


  1. New link Edo G, Akrobatik & King T - Verbal Assault. Thanks for posting. Peace!