Thursday, May 26, 2016

Dj Getz Presents Mark B Tribute Mix - 2016

"This tribute mix by DJ Getz is dedicated to Mark B, one of the most respected Hip-Hop producers in the country, who sadly passed away in January this year. His early records were released on DJ Vadim's Jazz Fudge label before starting his own label K Boro Records. Over the years Mark worked with the likes of Lewis Parker, Task Force, Skinnyman, Al Tariq, Blade and many more. He was a true lover of records and Hip-Hop culture." Dephect   

1. Rap Is Something You Do
2. A Certain Special Skill Ft MCM 
3. The Late Night Special With My Man Mr Thing
4. Keep It Tight Ft Lewis Parker & A Cyde
5. Skit
6. Intense Preparations Ft Blade & Lewis Parker
7. New Skool Dean Ft Delirious 
8. Rich N Switch Ft Mudfam
9. Liquidized Language Ft Task Force & Mr Thing 
10. Chat Bout Ft Skinnyman
11. Belief Remix Instrumental 
12. Melloizdaman Ft Mc Mello
13. Skit 
14. One Step Ahead Ft Task Force 
15. I Wish Ft Task Force
16. Invasion Of The Rap Snatchers Ft Blade 
17. From The Word Lab Ft Blade
18. Long Awaited Ft Blade, Lewis Parker & Skinnyman 
19. That Nigga ft Al Tariq 
20. Skit 
21. Split Personalities Ft Blade & Al Tariq 
22. No Questions Asked Ft Al Tariq 
23. Mayday Ft Delta 
24. Fresh Wild Fly Bold Ft Dialect
25. It's On You Ft Task Force & Skinnyman

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