Monday, May 2, 2016

Da Great Deity Dah - Life Or Death 20th Anniversary Mixtape

"This is the mixtape to preview the upcoming 4 projects by Da Great Deity Dah. You get to hear what Deity Dah & DJ Eskimo have been working on with unreleased tracks from the 90's session from the 3 EP's and the Declaration of War Album. June 7th is the release date of the first comic book, adult coloring book, and album in a 4 part series."

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  1. Whattup unik?! So, I'm a fan of deity and will support what he does here, looking forward to it. I just think maybe a little more exact info could be shared so some heads can understand exactly what will be pressed on vinyl, what tracks on each record, what hasn't been released, etc.. some of these songs I've never heard and they sound great, can't wait!!

  2. Ça va, mon pote ? Ça fait un bail!

    Merci pour l'info, tu déchires ;)