Sunday, November 22, 2020

RedefineHipHop - StoriesAboutSongs EP. 6 : Rhyme "Warrior's Ink" Demo - 1995


The legendary Kevin Beacham is back with the 6th episode of his StoriesAboutSongs series. This episode is about the Chicago-based artist Rhyme and his "Warrior's Ink" Demo recorded in 1995.

"Up to this point, I would guess that most anyone interested in listening to this podcast has thus far been aware of all the artists I’ve covered, but Rhyme might be the first exception. For the entire of my career in the music business, from my days running a home studio (Rage Cage Studios) in the late 80s to the early 90s, to my various other adventures, I’ve always sought to be an artist advocate, especially for those who I feel are the unheard. In 1995, Rhyme, from Chicago, was one of those artists to make an instant and long lasting impression on me. This is the story of his “Warrior’s Ink” Demo, as well as how his career developed from that moment, as well as how Daddy-O, from Stetsasonic was involved." - courtesy of Kevin Beacham 

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