Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Tape : Seize - Tarkine Funk - 2019

Cassette - 2019 - Kick A Dope Verse! 

New Beat Tape released by the Russian record label KADV and fully produced by the Australian beatmaker Seize

"First off, I'd like to give a massive thanks to KADV for putting this out. i would also like to thank you the listener for supporting this. shout out's to ebonnie fenech, oxcyde, risskant, ace, boom bap kolle, mike flips & I cant forget the Launceston, hobart & south adelaide peeps from back in the early/mid 00's, even though we don't hang anymore, your still in my mind and memories, you know who you are. i hope you all enjoy this tape. i was inspired by the nature that surrounds me, especially the tarkine wilderness, also known by it's true original name as Takayna, given by Tasmania's Indigenous people. a unique place of tranquility, history, beauty & ancient culture, to be preserved, treasured and respected.  Peace to all heads world wide! " - Seize 

Available on Light Green Cassette (40 Copies) and on Dark Blue Cassette (40 Copies)

Release Date : February 20th 2019

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