Monday, February 4, 2019

Da Champ - Treasure Hunt - 1998

EP - 1998 - Top Of The Line Records 

Da Champ dropped a good EP called 'Treasure Hunt' in 1998. It was composed of 6 tracks produced by Mellow. If you've never heard of Da Champ, here is an extract from the original press kit which will give you more info about him :

"Sean DA CHAMP Champion is a rapper from Hartford, CT. DA Champ has been on the forefront of the local hip-hop community since 1983. His signature which is a hard core style, conveys an attitude of street knowledge and realism (conscious-awareness) while never loosing sight of the music.
The 28 year old rapper began his career as a break dancer then beatboxing and rapping. As years went on DA CHAMP, who is the author of the anti drug song, released his first single So-Good. His ability to produce stylized lyrics along with his stage show is guaranteed to make the rap population stand and take notice.
Now, Top of DA Line Records presents: DA CHAMP with its national debut EP, 'Treasure Hunt', 'I Need Money', 'Moke-On'. For more flava check out the rapper/entertainer DA CHAMP For contact information and bookings - 1-800/542-3294 Pin#92292./860-650-0400"


 It seems that the 'Treasure Hunt' EP wasn't his first release because according to an article from the Hartford Courant written by Andrea Comer in November 1996, there was an other single released on Tryangle Records in 1996, a record label managed by Garfield S Virgo, but no trace of this vinyl, CD or Tape anywhere... Please let me know if you've got more info about it !  Peace

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