Saturday, May 26, 2018

Dirty Nasko Presents Mix up! 90's Bring Da Rap Boom Bap part 37

Grassroots - No matter (LP)
Evil Twins - You don't stop
Mental Illness - Amazin's hot playin' 
Smooth Da Hustler - Hustlin'
MF 911 - Fair play (EP)
The Madness - Rain storms (EP)
Artifacts - Flexi wit da tech
Kaotic Style - Get in where you fit in
The Nonce - Tuning it out (EP)
Black Attack - My crown 
Delik - Take it to your head
Fab 5 - Blah
Stikken Moov - Beware
Sandinistas - Madd luv (remix) (EP)
Rawcotiks - Live your life
Rock La Flow - Illwaukee
Strickly Roots - Strickly Roots flava
The Basement Khemist - Everybody
Dead Poets Society - Seize the day
Troubleneck Brothers - Pure
Ruthless Bastards - Murder she wrote
Pop Da Brown Hornet - GP Connection
Network Reps - Revolution
KGB - Heads on
Das EFX - THe sewer (remix)
Beat Wizardry - The Prophet
Jeru The Damaja - Can't stop the prophet
Godfather Don - Devils and Demons (EP)

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