Wednesday, May 3, 2017

VA - CP4507: Fruition LP - 2017

 LP - 2017 - Culture Power 45 

A1. Kenny Keys - Fruition (intro)
A2. Rashid Hadee – JR Boy Can’t Let Go
A3. Fatnice – Time U Miss
A4. MaxPtah – Ethnomusicology
A5. Infinito 2017 – Freedom In Independence (Century of Lights)
A6. 80’s Babies (Dee Jackson x Tall Black Guy) 
ft. Thaione Davis – Newsflash pt. 2
A7. L.I.F.E. Long – Shiv
A8. Radius – Two In One
A9. Nekaybaaw – Mysterious Matters
B1. Infinito 2017 – War Against Commercialism
B2. Wonderful Poison (Race Bannon x Thaione Davis) – Winner’s Circle
B3. Fatnice – This (Shane Great Rmx)
B4. Yarbrough – Something To Say (interlude)
B5. Empee – Never CMO
B6. Iomos Marad – Just Me
B7. MaxPtah – I’m With You Brother (2 track)
B8. Jason Da Hater – Black Randy
B9. 9th Scientist – Found Me
B10. Thaione Davis - Fruition (reprise)

Productions by Kenny Keys, Rashid Hadee, Aidan Leacy, MaxPtah, Dion Brown, Tall Black Guy, Masai Bey, Radius, Oracle of Sound, Supreme Scientist 7, Race Bannon,  Shane Great, Yarbrough, Cool D, Kenny, Keys Empee, Mannie Gee & The GEAUX.

Shipping Date : May 29th 2017

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