Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Blunted Dummies feat The Runaway Slaves - Sunshine - 1992

EP - 1992 - D.J Boy Records 

Back in 1992 with the Runaway Slaves from Baltimore, consisted  of Jamar Giddins a.k.a Fla-Fla (Sparrow The Movement), Shawn Ceasar a.k.a Fat S.A.C and Tyron James a.k.a Ty-Flex. "Sunshine" is definitely the only interesting track of the EP because the other tracks are House / Deep House Music, due to the fact the Blunted Dummies (Shawn Caesar & Tyron James) are also known in the club/house scene. 
I read that a full length Runaway Slaves's album was supposed to come out on Savage Records but It has never seen the light of day due to label problem.

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