Thursday, October 13, 2016

Unbiased Ghetto Opinion

Tape - 1992 - Eagle Entertainment Co 

U.G.O (Unbiased Ghetto Opinion) was originally composed of Ugo, Sean Axis, Zane & Rhalo. 
"Ugo is most recognized as the lead rapper of U.G.O. They earned their distinction while schooling at Howard University. U.G.O has performed in every major night club and arena throughout the metropolitan area. They’ve also shared the stage with almost every hip-hop act that has visited DC in the past years. Selling over 25 000 copies locally of their independent release, Back 2 Basix, confirms their underground popularity in the DC area. Their last single, Blowin’ Spots, is being projected as a national product. Like U.G.O’s 1991 local hit, Boogie Bound, Feel this incorporates the unique melodies that typify their distinctive style. East Coast Lyrics, supported by the sort of explosive beat and baseline characteristic of West Coast hits guarantees this single will be Blowin’ Spots worldwide !" 
Eagle Entertainment Co.

12" - 1994 - Eagle Entertainment 

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