Friday, October 21, 2016

Da Great Deity Dah - Cerebral Warfare I (CD) - 2016

1. Running Off With Your Cognitive Patterns
2. Coining Phrases
3. Trapped in the Middle State ft Black Purgatory Mix
4. Trapped in The Middle State (Self Relection Mix)
5. Day I Raped Hip-Hop
6. Poetry in Motion (Unreleased)
7. R.O.W.Y.C.P. Ottawa RMX
8. R.O.W.C.P. Decomposed RMX
9. Coining Phrases Mood and Vibrations RMX
10. Trapped in The Middle State Mood and Vibrations RMX
11. R.O.W.Y.C.P Instrumental
12. R.O.W.Y.C.P accapella

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