Wednesday, September 23, 2015

K-Def - The Way It Was - 2015

LP- 2015 - Redefinition Records 

"So we've already announced two LP's and by now it should be evident that not only is K-Def unpredictable, but also that he has a soft spot for nostalgia and while he considers himself a forward thinker, he occasionally likes to reminisce over “The Way It Was.”
 We at Redef are often surprised at the "Ghetto Man's" output. The Way It Was is a special collection of tracks gathered from K's 20 plus year career as a Hip Hop producer. 
The album contains notable instrumentals originally released in the 90's during his House of Hitz run, many curated from cassettes, DAT's, floppies and even vinyl B-Sides to be reproduced/remastered for this collection. 
The 90's material is also accompanied by some special guest appearances by Redef affiliate Blu on 3 tracks, Quartermaine, Redef's newest addition Kunal, and even Damu the Fudgemunk (new vocal tracks created using old beats). 
When naming the album, K-Def chose the title, because the prominent theme of the music is that it was composed in the 90's using the techniques and tools of the era, including like the MPC 60 or MPC 3000, before K upgraded to using virtual instruments and software based platforms in the late 90s. The Way It Was is an essential release to any K-Def fan"   
Redefinition Records

More Info coming soon ... Stay tuned !

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