Sunday, March 16, 2014

12 Block - Movin Island Style Thorough EP - 2014

1994 - 95 ALL UNRELEASED Demo 
100 copies Clear with Black Smoke 
200 copies 150 Gram Black 
12 Test Press bundles

"What exactly happened to Hard 2 Obtain? Well, i can't tell you what i don't know but i can tell you this much. A Math (12 Block) was originally supposed to be one of the main emcees in H2O, along with Taste The Terror (12 Block, Hard 2 Obtain), but as the recording of Ism & Blues was about to commence, A Math decided that finishing his education down south was the right move at the time. 

Fast forward a little while later to September 1994 and A Math makes his way to the studio with Taste and Dj Nastee who also worked closely with H2O. These tracks were all recorded from Sept 94 to Feb 95. "If It's On Like That (C'mon)" was played on Stretch And Bobbito and is another elusive sought after demo, as was "Movin Island Style Thorough"."

Heavy Jewelz Records


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