Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Pop Megga - Ghetto News / Raw (Are You Sure?) - 1996

12" - 1996 - Profile Records 

Pop Megga was an emcee from Jamaica Queens, NY. He released his first and only 12" single 'Ghetto News / Raw (Are You Sure?)'  on Profile Records in 1996. The tracks were fully produced by Casanova Rud, member of the hip-hop duo Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud

Casanova Rud : "The connection happened with the help of my childhood friend, dancer T Spunk knew of him from some family and friends connection in Jamaica Queens.  He told me to check him out. I invited him to my crib in Astoria PJs to record. He was known in his hood, but didn’t have a lot of stuff recorded... He was a beast freestyling, I encouraged him to write songs. I produced everything, but spunk brought that sample to my attention for the song 'Raw', which it was from Natural Born Killer, so of course I had to give him credit.

Pop Megga stopped after that due to law problems. Profile Records gave up on him and released the whole team from the label...

Props to Erik Rudnicki a.k.a Casanova Rud 

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  1. Dope 12" you can find for little money. I think he's from Hollis not Jamaica though.