Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Grap Luva - Sounds Of Mount Vernon - 2016

01. Intro
02. Started at 77
03. Love for the Heights
04. ThreeFourths Amazin (feat. Pete Rock)
05. In Motion Like Fourth Ave (Motion 2000 Remix)
06. Donuts on Washington St. (One For Mr. Yancey)
07. Fighting at Cromwells
08. Dont Stop (Ballin at Fourth St. Park)
09. Big Lous Theme (Pete On Bass) (feat. Pete Rock)
10. For My Lil Brother Joe
11. The Block (Third St.) (feat. Pete Rock)
12. A Prayer For My Nephews
13. Arts on Third Black Family Day
14. Live From Memorial Field
15. Pete and Graps Room (feat. Pete Rock)
16. Nuttin But Luv Day Cookout (Missing Hev)
17. One For Ruddy… Nuff Said!
18. Cross County Parkway (We Out) 

New Instrumental album released by Grap Luva , with beats he made between 1995 and 1999.
Only available digitally on Itunes, Amazon or Google Play  

Hope a Vinyl release will come soon ...

Props to WiCkEd22 for the Info 

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  1. http://www.spotrecords.ch/grap-luva-sounds-of-mount-vernon-lp-2576.html