Monday, August 3, 2015

DJ Rob Swift - X​-​Files: Lost & Deleted - 2015

Tracklist :

1- Battle at the Palladium (ft. Dr. Butcher and Gudtyme)
2- A Supernatural Intro ft. Supernatural (Ridm remix)
3- Fraudulent Fake
4- Hip Hop On Wax: Gemini ft. The Large Professor (Ridm remix)
5- Dream ft. Breez Evahflowin (Dr. Butcher remix)
6- Sub Level: Subterranean Depths ft. J - Live (Ridm remix)
7- Another Friendly Game of Baseball​.​.​. Xtra Innings ft. The Large Professor (KutMasta Kurt remix)
8- The Program ft. Gudtyme, Eddeganz & DJ Quest (DJ Intrigue remix)
9- I Told You !
10- Dope On Plastic ft. The Large Professor (DJ Intrigue remix)
11- 1992: The Interview featuring WildMan Steve

Cop the Full Digital Album Here 
Props to Drasar for the Link .

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