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Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show - June 8th 1995 - WKCR

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show - June 8th 1995 - WKCR

Parallax - WKCR Promo
Company Flow - Bad Touch Example
Poops & Pumpkinhead - The Laughing Syndrome Promo
Double Trouble - Live At The Amphitheatre
World's Famous Supreme Team - Hey DJ
Pieces of a Dream - Mt. Airy Groove
Bobbito & Rosie Perez
Twin Hype - Lyrical Rundown
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Road To Riches
Brand Nubian - Feels So Good
JVC Force - Strong Island
LL Cool J - To Da Break of Dawn
Poor Righteous Teachers & Tony D - Can I Start This
De La Soul - Afro Connections At A Hi 5 (In The Eyes Of The Hoodlum)
EPMD - Rap is Outta Control
3rd Bass Ft. Nice & Smooth - Microphone Techniques
Organized Konfusion - Intro
Lakim Shabazz - No Justice No Peace
KMD feat Brand Nubian - Nitty Gritty
Poor Righteous Teachers - Can I Start This
Bobbito & Countbass D
Company Flow - 8 Steps to Perfection
The Juggaknots - I'm Gonna Kill You
J-Treds - Piece Of Mind Demo
The Cenobites - Lex Luger
The Cenobites - You're Late
Bobbito, Tony Touch & Rosie Perez
Sir Menelik & Kool Keith - So Intelligent Demo
Sir Menelik & Kool Keith - Operating Room Demo
Mobb Deep - Right Back At You
Nas - Memory Lane (Sittin' in Da Park)
Big L - 8 Iz Enuff
Ras Kass feat Ahmad & Saafir - Come Widdit

The Arsonists - The Session

Godfather Don - I Don't Care Demo
Company Flow - Definitive
Natural Elements (L-Swift) - Live The Life
Foul Play - Black Cloud Demo
Mixed Practise - Demo
The Ghetto Sears - Demo
Bobbito & Lord Sear
Tony Bones - Deep In Ya Bones Demo
D-Stroy & Tony Touch - Palante Siempre Palante
MF Grimm feat MF Doom - Take Em To War
J-Treds - Recognize Demo
The Juggaknots - Lucifer
The Cenobites feat Bobbito - Kick A Dope verse (Remix)
SOP (Smoked Out Productions) - Styles 

Props to Chris, Serch4beatz, Irish Craig (Random Rap Radio) , Jamo, Dj Nes, George Cee, Brandan E., Dj Eclipse & Philaflava Forum

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