Saturday, October 11, 2014

Jazz Spastiks - 'The Product' REMIXES - Limited Edition - 2014

Side A (Vocal):
1. Power Of The Tongue (feat. Sach) (REMIX)
2. Dumb! (feat. Yesh) (JEEP MIX)
3. Move (feat. Apani B Fly) (REMIX)
4. Delicious (feat. Count Bass D) (REMIX)
5. Frequency (feat. Moka Only) (REMIX)
6. Parley To Parlet (feat. Ladybug Mecca) (REMIX)
Side B (Instrumentals):
1. Power Of The Tongue (REMIX INST.)
2. Dumb! (JEEP MIX INST.)
3. Move (REMIX INST.)
4. Delicious (REMIX INST.)
5. Frequency (REMIX INST.)
6. Parley To Parlet (REMIX INST.)

Limited to 500 copies only 
(300 copies pressed on black Vinyl, 200 pressed on transparent blue Vinyl).

Pre-orders coming very soon via -

Stay Tuned ! 

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