Sunday, July 6, 2014

Debonair P - Debonair Blends Megamix

OC - Everidae
Beyond There - Slummental
Eclipse - My Position
Grandaddy I.U. - Mack of the Year
Cella Dwellas - Perfect Match (Instrumental)
Juggaknots - Namesake
Teflon - Get Mine (Instrumental)
Xperado - All Night
AZ - Gimme Yours RMX
Vooodu - One Life to Live
Sean C - Mellow Madness
All City - After Hours
Mic Geronimo - For the Family
Encore - Ice Age
Thrust - Rage RMX
J-Treds - Make it Happen
Ran Reed - Enough
Basement Khemists - Vibrate
Nick Wiz - Four Elements
Milano - Show Em
Pete Rock & Large Pro - The Rap World
IG Off & Hazardous - This Ain't Livin'
Masta Ace - Observations
Coloured Section - Hip Hop
AK Skills - One Life ta Live
QNC - Repertoire
Cunninlinguists - Dirty Acres
Jaz-O - Kingz Kounty
World Renown - How Nice I Am
Frankenstein - Sparkin Intellect
Organized Konfsion - Decisions
Cru - Nuthin But
Fat Joe - Find That (VR RMX)
Forefathers - Glory
Great Ones - That Ni@@a
Big Shug - Play It
Chubb Rock - Clear The Decks
Brainsick Enterprize - Time To Shine
Large Pro - Oh Winz
Choclair - Just a Second RMX
Kollabo Brothers - My Flows To Blow RMX
King Tee - Cali Expert
Shortie No Mass - U Like My Style
Pitch Black - Its All Real
Maspyke - Truth in Position
Ed OG - Shed A Tear
K Terroribul - MC Chronicles
Red Hot Lover Tone - BMW

PMD - Kool Kat
Reyel & Khaliyl - Eye See
Easy Moe Bee - Elements I'm Among (Instrumental)
Lowly Ones - All Night
Artifacts - Collaboration of Mics
Grand Puba - Keep On
Lux - Don't Give a f*ck
Q Ball & Curt Cazall - Anything U Want
Jamal - Beez Like That
Encore - The Essence
Frankenstein - UV
Redman - Bobyahed2dis
Jaz-O - Bring It On
Lo Lifes - Lo Lifes are Low
Royal Flush - Rotten Apple
Lord Digga - Feel It
Masta Ace - Dopes Pushers Addicts
Mad Skillz - Skillz in 95
Adagio - The Obvious Part 2
K-Def - Jam On It
Ak Skills - Nights of Fear
Money Boss - Walk With The Limp
Fat Cat Clique - Da Flow
Sic Sense - Positional Bypass
E-Boogie - Da Muthafuckin Man
Souls of Mischief - Fa Sho Fa Real
Cella Dwellas - I'm Tellin' U
Large Professor - Dancing Girl
Afu Ra - Whirlwind Through Cities (Instrumental)
Ghetto Concept - Livin It Up
All City - Just Live
Massinfluence - Atlanta Ya On
Diamond - This One (instrumental)
Lone Catalysts - Due Process
Union of Opposites - Continuations
Showbiz & AG - Stand Strong
Godfather Don - Do You Know?
Citizen Kane - Blackrain
Nas - One on One
Nick Wiz - Lockness
Bahamadia - Uknowhowwedo RMX
OC - What I Represent
Gauge - Break Through
Saukrates - Play Dis
Big Daddy Kane - Three's Company
Aboriginals - Chemistry
Sound Providers - Jazz at the Cove
Rakim - We'll Never Stop
DJ Shok - Book Of Death (Instrumental)
Reservoir Dogs - The Difference
K Terroribul - Feel It
Nomaads - The Ultimate
Double X - Knock It Off Will Ya
Thrust - Emcee
Pudgee - Stayin Alive
REC Centre - Mind Body & Soul
Hieroglyphics - Miles to the Sun

Society – F.U.N.K

Jemini – Brooklyn Kids (Remix)
B.U.M.s – Take A Look Around (VR Remix)
Showbiz & AG – I’m Not the One (Remix)
YG’z – Ghetto Celeb
Boogiemonsters – Honey Dips in Gotham (Remix)
Dredknotz – Respect
Black Moon – Murder MCs
Ground Floor – One Two
Big Shug – Do What Pays Ya
Black Sheep – North East South West (Remix)
Artifacts – Dynamite Soul II
Heavy D – It’s A New Day
Youngstas – Mad Props (Remix)
The Roots – Distortion To Static (Remix)
Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Take You There (Remix)
Cella Dwellas – Land Of the Lost (Instrumental)
Scientifik – Yeah Daddy
Dirt Nation – Khadijah
K Terroribul – Ruthless Confrontation
Microphone Prince – Trunk of Funk (Remix)
Pudgee – Keep Your Coat On
Da Bush Babees – Remember We (Remix)
Red Hot Lover Tone – Give It Up (Remix)
N-Tense – Watch His Back
Thrust – Do You Understand
Ghetto Concept – E-Z On the Motion
Kay Gee – U.N.I.T.Y (Instrumental)
Rakim – Last Resort
Grand Daddy IU – The Real Mack
Capital Tax – The Masha (Remix)
Shadz of Lingo – Think I Give a f*ck?
People Without Shoes – Green Shoelaces (Instrumental)
Masta Ace – Sittin On Chrome (Pitkin Ave Remix)
Fat Joe & Grand Puba – Watch The Sound (Remix)
Evil Twinz – Redrum
Alkaholiks – Relieve Yourself
Beatnuts – Hellraiser (Remix)
Zhigge – Riddles That Rap, Riddles That Rhyme
Top Quality – I Can’t Hear You
MC Shan – Pee Nile Reunion
Brothers Uv Da Blackmarket – Livin In Da Bottle
Urban Thermo Dynamics – My King Fu (Remix)
Souls of Mischief – Get the Girl
EC – Ill State of Mind
Ubad – The Legacy
Slick Rick – Cuz It’s Wrong
Edo G – Less Than Zero
De’1 & K-Def – Uneke
Main Source – Where We’re Coming From
Juice With Soul – Body Armor
Digable Planets – Where I’m From (Aural G Ride)
Ali Dee – Tap Skinz (Remix)
Hard 2 Obtain – Ghetto Diamond
Rough House Survivors – Rough House (Remix)
Trendz of Culture – Crotch Ripper / Mad Speaker
Kurious & Casual – What’s the Real
UMC’s – Staten Island Comes First
Double X Posse – Executive Class
Intelligent Hoodlum – At Large (Marley Mix)
Madkap – Proof Is In the Puddin’ (Remix)
A.D.L. – Daddy
Da King & I – Kingpin
Hansoul Project – For the Ni@@as
Jaz B Latin – Set It Off (Mista Lawnge mix)
Lil Fame – Bring the Rukas
Dred Scott – Can’t Hold Back
Main Source – Faking the Funk (Remix)

P Brothers & Boss Money    - Cold World
Diamond - So Lovely
Unsung Heroes & Yeshua - Transatlantic
Encore - Takin It
Illa J - R U Listenin'?
Dooley O - I Wish
Primeridian - Ring Around The Lyrical
Tommy Evans - Me/You (Instrumental)
Oddisee - Quest To Find
El Da Sensei - So Easily
Planet Asia - You & Yours
Jazzy Jeff & CL Smooth - All I Know
Grand Puba - Real Talk
Truth Enola - Exactly
Surreal & The Sound Providers - A Night to Remember
UN - Nothin Lesser
People Under the Stairs - Empty Bottles of Water
Marco Polo & Torae - Crashing Down
A-Bless - My Life's on the Edge
Mass Influence - Rhyme Placement
Polyrhythmaddicts - The Purist
IG Off & Hazardous - How You Love That
Ms & HB - BQE
Unspoken Heard - Elevator Music
Cormega - Therapy
Capital D & Molemen - Cause & Effect
Vakill - Dear Life
K-Otix - Looking Glass
Example - We Write the Songs
Shawn Jackson - Fix Ya Face
Two For Five - Playin' the Strip
Chris Lowe - Never Heard It Like This Before
Kaze - Soul Dojo (Essence of Life mix)
Cella Dwellas - Ready to Rock
OC - Beyond
Large Professor - After School
Milano - Rep For the Slums
Shuman - Encore (Instrumental)
Bumpy Knuckles - A Part of My Life
Pseudo Slang - Broke & Copascetic
Kev Brown - Say Sumthin
Mathematik - Following Goals
Jigmastas - Elevate
Baby Blak - Economix
Zion I - Boom Bip
Black Moon - No Way
Wee Bee Foolish - Properly Done
Y Society - This Is An Introduction
Sound Providers & Little Brother - Braggin & Boastin
J Live - Practice (Remix)
Cali Agents - The Good Life
Gang Starr - Zonin'
Jaz O & Immobillaire - Love Is Gone
Jazz Liberatorz - Blue Avenue
Pharcyde - Frontline
EMC - Once More
Slum Village - Fantastic
Pete Rock - Intrigue
J Rawls - Birds of a Feather
Akbar - Those Who Say
The Others - Good Old Feel
Grap Luva - Collector's Item
Ed OG - Day to Day
Akrobatik - Front Steps
Foreign Exchange - Let's Move

Props to Debonair P  

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