Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Shabaam Sahdeeq - Keepers Of The Lost Art - 2014

2014 - Below System 

Track Listing:

1. Keepers Of The Lost Art [Prod. Res Nullius]
2. Conceited Confidence [Prod. Ran Reed]
3. Playing Games [Prod. Lewis Parker]
4. Speak Truth (Feat. Reks & Kamala) [Prod. DJ Ready Cee]
5. Walk With The Light [Prod. Lewis Parker]
6. That Dope (Feat. Wais P & Sha Stimuli) [Prod. DJ Skizz]
7. Hardbody & Heavy (Feat. Half A Brick & EastKoast) [Prod. Lewis Parker]
8. Tranquilo (Prod. Harry Fraud)
9. Grown Man Hustle (Feat. Eric Rico) [Prod. Lewis Parker]
10. The Come Back Kid (Feat. Skyzoo & F.T.) [Prod. DJ Skizz]
11. Seasons Change [Prod. Lewis Parker]
12. City Of Fame (Feat. Mic Handz) [Prod. Teike van Baden]
13. He Who Dares (Feat. Lewis Parker) [Prod. Lewis Parker]
14. Fall In Line [Prod. DJ Wonder]
15. O.G Certified (Feat. Tragedy Khadafi) [Prod. Lewis Parker]
16. Done It All (Feat. Bekay) [Prod. DJ Dister]
17. Relax (Remix) [Prod. DJ Dister]
18. Energon 2 (Feat. Spit Gemz) [Prod. One Take]
19. Honor Me Now (Remix) [Prod. Science of Vinyl Villains]
20. U Don’t Want None (Feat. General DV) [Prod. AlterBeats]

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