Wednesday, April 2, 2014

CRDS Presents-Piles and Piles of Demo Tapes By Da Miles Volume 2

Nice work from Jaz (C.R.D.S) who has made a Comp for our pleasure , with Demos from Early to Mid 90s .  


01-Universal Dialect-Movin' On
02-Sazon-Untitled (More Powerful?)
03-Chaos-Turn It Up
04-A-Math-If It's On Like That
05-EIM-Undaground Rappa 
06-Sandman-Know What I'm Sayin
07-Earthquake-Quake The Broadcaster
08-Kurious-Trueness To The Blueness
09-Diezzle Don-School of Hard Knocks
10-Cipher Complete-Like This
11-Grand The Vis-I Can't Understand
12-Mykill Myers-Triggernometry
13-The Kraken-Rise of The Kraken
14-Next of Kin-Brothers Keeper
15-Spalanys-Spaghetti and Bisquits

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